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Master's Program in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering

 Master’s Program in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering, College of Maritime 

Course Introduction

In order to support the national policy of green energy, the Maritime College of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology established the Master’s Program in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering in August 2019.

The goal is to cultivate integrated and cross-domain maritime engineering related human resources for advanced industry of wind power and offshore wind energy.

The major courses are those of engineering plan and design of offshore wind power, maritime safety practices, hydrographic survey, training of Global Wind Organization, and wind farm project management. The program is to train students with the professional techniques including wind turbine assembly, transportation, monitoring, and maintenance to become expertize in the field fitting the requirement for the future development of the offshore wind power industry in Taiwan.

The Aims of Education

The idea and program running is based on “people-oriented and value co-creation”. The goals of education overall are explained as follows:

1. Teaching students with both practices and basic theories in terms of engineering aspects in the workplace of offshore wind power industry.

2. Cultivate students with a careful research attitude, acute observation, and solving problems logically, and innovation.

3. Encouraging to express opinions and compromising with colleagues.

Program Features

1. Teachers have diverse professional knowledge including meteorological and ocean data analysis, underwater exploration and technology, micro-grid, underwater image processing, hydrographic survey, and ocean engineering. Teachers have professional experience and enthusiastic in teaching works.

2. Teachers are good in academic research. In addition to individual research, team works and researches are encouraged to integrate teachers' expertise.

3. Concentration on the combination of theory and practice, and cooperate with industries (DRAGON PRINCE HYDRO-SURVEY ENTERPRISE CO., WPD Taiwan, Orsted, CIP, CSBC Corporation, Woen Jinn Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., Boskalis, and Singda Marine Structure), and establishing jointly strategic alliances to enhance teaching performance.

4.  Emphasizing disciplines to obtain license such as safety training for GWO and STCW.

Career Directions

The students graduated from this program will obtain certificates to meet requirements of wind power industries. Students have to complete at least one month of industrial internship before graduation. Under the present training to gain professional knowledge, they will have the ability to work in wind power and related industries.

The job opportunities include management of wind farm, underwater maintenance, mechatronics engineer, ocean structural engineer, underwater exploration engineer, construction ship design and equipment operators and other professional fields


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